Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take Your Mark..

Ah, so it begins. The beginning of our swim blog. Why exactly did we create this?
Every day we find ourselves circling back to the topic of swimming, and we eventually realized we have some pretty good things to say about it.
When we decided to make a blog, first we were just going to write the sets down and let you share our misery. But THEN.
We realized our humor is absolutely prime, and we are definitely going to share it with you.
So, here you go.
The home page is going to have the set on it, plain and simple. Then, if you look towards the top there are tabs that say 'Sam's perspective', 'Rachel's perspective', and 'Camille's Perspective', where we all talk about our thoughts on the set. Funny, right? I know.
Then, next to those tabs there's a 'Language of a Swimmer" Tab, where we have an answer key to allow you to decipher our crazy language. It will help, I promise. We talk crazy.
Read away, my friend.

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