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Set 2: October 25, 2011
I'm embarrassed. I didn't think it was ever possible that I would like the hard sets that make you want to abruptly jump out of the pool, sprint to the exit, and kiss that set goodbye. Who knew I couldn't actually like waking up in the morning, pushing yourself to go faster when you want to cry, and waking up in morning. Did I mention that I now like waking up in the morning? I know. I'm strange. Anyways, to the point, I liked this set. Maybe it was because we were planning on doing 16... and we ended up doing 9. Win? I think so.

Set 1: October 24, 2011
Today was the definition of "I am so freaking bored I think I am going to analyze every aspect of my life".
I have concluded many interesting facts about life and swimming, take a gander.
1. It is possible to make "Darth Vader" breathing noises with a snorkle... underwater.
2. My life would be so much better if I had a sidekick.
3. You can talk while swimming through the snorkle. Sammi can witness this.
4. I probably should start shooting out pool water with my mouth due to the fact that our pool is filled with disguisting germs... And Brittani's pee.
5. Don't try to breathe while doing underwaters with a snorkle... it doesn't work.
6. When boys smile it makes them more attractive.
7. "I hate fly." "I hate breatsroke". This ran through my mind during each meter in those 16 100s.
8. If you ever happen to find a random matress in the back of your truck (cough cough Daryk).... Sucks for you.
9. I wondered if Dee would be a dictator if swimmers were to take over the world.
10. "The Unkown" by Athlete, an AMAZING song, played background music for me the whole time.