Language Of a Swimmer

Just to help you read the posts..

"No big deal." (More commonly known as NBD.) - It's really a big deal, you just don't know it.

"Oh Shoot."- ( It really depends on the tone, but,) "This is so rad." or "I hate my life." Either one.

"Vomit".- expressing hatred toward a set or situation. Or person.

"You know the phrase 'you hurt the ones you love the most?'" - Commonly said by our coach, Dee, which basically means "hey, swimmers, you're going to die today."

"Shake and Bake."- All you need to know about this, you can find if you click Here!

"Let's get real." - Come on guys, be serious here. Im kind of a big deal.

"FML"- Now, now, dont freak out. We don't envision this as a phrase with terrible language. We simply say this when we.. well.. hate our lives.

"WTF" - Most likely to be said while waking up at 4:30 in the morning. Along with FML.

To be continued.